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Terra Spice Company

Terra Spice Company
Premium Spices, Spice Blends, Dried Chiles, Extracts, Dried Fruits & Vegetables

Industrial Ingredients

  • CIT0015 citric acid, non-GMO
  • HI001 hickory smoke, powder, natural
  • MAL001 malic acid, non-GMO
  • SOY004 soy sauce, powder, non-GMO


  • VIN001 vinegar, malt vinegar, powder, non-GMO
  • VIN002 vinegar, balsamic, powder, non-GMO
  • VIN003 vinegar, red wine, powder
  • VIN004 vinegar, white distilled, powder
  • VIN005 vinegar, rice, powder
  • VIN006 vinegar, apple cider, powder
  • WORC001 worcestershire sauce, powder


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