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Terra Spice Company

Terra Spice Company
Premium Spices, Spice Blends, Dried Chiles, Extracts, Dried Fruits & Vegetables


Whole Chiles


  • CHAR001 de arbol, whole


  • CHM001 chipotle meco "brown", whole
  • CHM002 chipotle morita "red", whole


  • CHAP001 aji panca, whole
  • CHAN002 ancho, whole

Crushed & Diced

  • CHCR003 cayenne chiles, crushed
  • CHGK001 Gochugara Korean chile, crushed
  • CHH001 habanero, crushed
  • CHJ002 jalapeno, green, crushed
  • CHCR001 New Mexico chiles, crushed
  • CHUR001 urfa biber chile, crushed


  • CHAJ002 aji amarillo, ground
  • CHAN001 ancho, ground
  • CAY001 cayenne 20,000 heat units, ground
  • CAY002 cayenne 40,000 heat units, ground
  • CHCH001 chipotle morita, ground
  • CHG002 guajillo, ground
  • CHH0015 habanero, ground
  • CHJ001 jalapeno, green, ground
  • CHNM003 New Mexico chile, red, ground
  • PA007 piment d'espelette
  • CHSS001 serrano, SMOKED, red, ground


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