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Terra Spice Company

Terra Spice Company
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Sea Salts

  • SALTJQD01 Appalachian sea salt, hand harvested by J.Q. Dickinson Salt - Works
  • SALTATL01 Atlanic sea salt, coarse
  • SALTATL02 Atlanic sea salt, fine
  • SALTAUS001 Australian, (Antarctic), flake sea salt
  • BN001 Brittany Natural Sea Salt, gray coarse moist crystals (sel gris)
  • BN003 Brittany Natural Sea Salt, fleur de sel de Guerande "flower of salt"
  • SAL004 Hawaiian, Alaea red sea salt
  • SALTHJ001 Hawaiian, Bamboo Jade sea salt
  • SALTHL001 Hawaiian, Hiwa Kai, black lava salt
  • SALTHSM001 Hawaiian, Smoked Salt, alder & Hickory smoked coarse sea salt
  • SALTHWC001 Hawaiian, white silver, coarse sea salt
  • SALTHM001 Himalayan pink salt, coarse



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