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Terra Spice Company

Terra Spice Company
Premium Spices, Spice Blends, Dried Chiles, Extracts, Dried Fruits & Vegetables


  • TEAAS001 Assam black tea, TGFOP, organic

Extracts & Flavors

  • EXTANG001 aneglica root, extract, natural
  • EXTBIRCH birch extract, natural
  • EXTCALA001 calamansi extract, pure
  • EXTCB001 cinchona bark extract, pure
  • EXTELDB001 elderberry extract, natural
  • EXTELDFL001 elderflower extract, natural
  • EXTEUCA001 eucalyptus extract, natural
  • EXTGF001 grapefruit extract, pure
  • EXTLAV001 lavender extract, natural
  • EXTLEM001 lemon extract, natural
  • EXTMINT mint extract, natural
  • EXTNER001 neroli (orange blossom) extract, natural
  • EXTORA001 orange extract, pure
  • EXTPEP001 peppermint extract, pure
  • EXTPINE002 pine extract, natural
  • EXTQUI001 quinine extract, natural
  • EXTROSE001 rose extract, natural
  • EXTVIO001 violet extract, natural



  • PEXTBEER001 beer extract powder, natural, non-GMO
  • PEXTBLOR001 blood orange extract, powder, natural
  • PEXTCR001 cranberry extract powder, natural, non-GMO
  • PEXTMPL001 maple extract powder, natural, non-GMO

Vanilla Extracts & Flavors

  • VA003 vanilla extract, Bourbon
  • VA011 vanilla flavor, clear, natural, water soluble, non-GMO

Flavors, Water Soluble
  • WSALP001 allspice flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSALM001 almond flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSBEER002 beer flavor, Russian Imperial Stout, natural, water soluble, non-GMO 
  • WSBERG001 bergamot flavor natural, water soluble, non-GMO 
  • WSBC001 birthday cake flavor natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSBL001 blueberry flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO 
  • WSBOUR001 bourbon flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO 
  • WSBTR001 butter flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSCAR002 caramel flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO 
  • WSCOCO001 coconut flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSTCOF001 coffee flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSCOLA001 cola flavor, natural, without color, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSGIN001 ginger flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSAP001 green apple flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSKAFR01 kaffir lime leaf flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSLGR001 lemongrass flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • .WSMPL002 maple flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSMCHE001 Morello cherry flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSOATM001 oatmeal raisin cookie flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSPINE001 pineapple flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSRSPB002 raspberry flavor, natural with juice, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSRHU001 rhubarb flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSRB001 root beer, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSSAS001 sassafras flavor, natural, safrole free, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • WSYUZU001 yuzu flavor, natural, water soluble, organic

Flavors, Oil Soluble

  • OILBAS001 basil flavor, natural, oil soluble
  • OILBLOR001 blood orange flavor, natural, with color, oil soluble
  • OILCAR001 caramel flavor, natural, oil soluble, non-GMO
  • OILCOF001 coffee flavor, natural, oil soluble, non-GMO
  • OILGIN001 ginger flavor, natural, oil soluble, non-GMO
  • OILJAS001 jasmine flavor, natural, oil soluble
  • OILLEM001 lemon oil, California, pure, single fold, non-GMO
  • OILPAP001 paprika flavor, natural, oil soluble, non-GMO
  • OILROS001 rosemary flavor, natural, oil soluble
  • OILRGA001 sauteed garlic flavor, natural, oil soluble, non-GMO
  • OILRON001 sauteed onion flavor, natural, oil soluble, non-GMO
  • OILWAL002 walnut flavor, natural, allergen free, oil soluble



New Items

  • Australian, (Antarctic), flake sea salt
  • hint of garlic™
  • mole, ancient peppers & vanilla blend™ 
  • Berbere, Ethiopian spice blend, ground
  • mushrooms, dried, diced, wild mushroom blend
  • bouquet garni
  • mirepoix classic™
  • mirepoix classic, roasted™
  • mirepoix classic, roasted, with wild mushrooms™
  • fennel seed, black, whole, organic
  • smoked apple barbeque rub
  • Assam black tea, TGFOP, organic
  • hint of garlic, Hot™
  • chai, Zen Cafe blend

Sugars & Sweeteners

  • DEX001 dextrose
  • HON001 honey granules
  • MPL001 maple sugar, pure, Vermont, organic
  • MOL002 molasses, powder
  • SUG001 sugar, brownulated
  • SUG003 sugar, evaporated cane juice, granulated, organic
  • SUG005 sugar, demerara

Contact Us

Terra Spice Company
P.O. Box 3556
South Bend, IN 46619
574.222.2462- Phone
574.966.1393 - Fax

About Terra Spice

Philip Abbott, with a strong background in the culinary field, founded Terra Spice Company in 2001. Philip attended the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont where he graduated with Distinction.  During Philip's culinary journey, he studied and trained under renowned chefs at The Manor on Golden Pond in Holderness, Ovens of Brittany in Madison, the Spring Green Restaurant - the only restaurant designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright, Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley, and Stella's in Sonoma Valley. 

An early mentor of Philip's was a classically trained chef and a master of spice blending. While working in restaurants across the country, Philip pursued the craft of spice blending, and then established Terra Spice Company, catering to culinary professionals, providing unsurpassed quality and service to customers.  To create the finest blends, Philip procures the highest quality herbs, spices, and specialty ingredients from around the world. 

Terra Spice stocks and sells only the purest, most natural products available, and continues to seek out the finest products on the market.

Terra Spice employees have diverse culinary backgrounds, and unique individual talents, which are combined to meet the ever-changing demands of its customers.

Products can be shipped to customers anywhere in the world.




  • BMILK001 buttermilk powder, organic
  • CHE007 cheese, cheddar, orange powder, organic
  • CHE001 cheese, cheddar, white powder, organic
  • CHE0010 cheese, feta, powder
  • CHE005 cheese, Parmesan, powder, organic
  • CHE002 cheese, Romano, powder
  • CREAM001 heavy cream powder, 72% butterfat
  • SCR001 sour cream, powder, organic


Industrial Ingredients

  • AGAR001 agar agar, powder, non-GMO
  • ASC001 ascorbic acid, non-GMO
  • CGIOTA001 carrageenan, iota, non-GMO
  • CGKAPPA001 carrageenan, kappa, non-GMO
  • CIT0015 citric acid, non-GMO
  • MDEX001 corn maltodextrin, non-GMO
  • CRISP001 crisp film
  • GUAR001 guar gum, powder, organic
  • ARABIC001 gum Arabic, powder, organic
  • HI001 hickory smoke, powder, natural
  • LAC001 lactic acid, powder
  • LOC001 locust bean gum, non-GMO
  • MAL001 malic acid, non-GMO
  • SOY004 soy sauce, powder, non-GMO
  • WORC001 worcestershire sauce, powder
  • XAN001 xanthan gum, non-GMO


  • VIN001 vinegar, malt vinegar, powder, non-GMO
  • VIN002 vinegar, balsamic, powder, non-GMO
  • VIN003 vinegar, red wine, powder, identity preserved source
  • VIN004 vinegar, white distilled, powder
  • VIN005 vinegar, rice, powder, identity preserved source
  • VIN006 vinegar, apple cider, powder


Specialty Spice Blends

Specialty Spice Blends

  • ADO001A adobo powder
  • AP001A apple pie spice
  • AU001A autumn spice mix
  • BAH001A baharat
  • BAL001A balsamic & savory herb
  • BAR001A barbeque spice blend
  • BERB002 Berbere, Ethiopian spice blend, ground
  • PESTO001A basil walnut pesto blend
  • BOP001A blood orange pepper
  • MARY001A bloody mary mix
  • BUFRA002 buffalo ranch dressing base
  • BUF001A buffalo wing rub
  • CSR001A Caesar salad dressing base (no anchovies)
  • CAJ002A Cajun citrus seasoning
  • CAJ001A Cajun seasoning
  • CAJ003A Cajun seasoning, no salt
  • CE001A celery salt with sea salt
  • CHB0015A cheddar herb blend
  • CHAI001 chai, Zen Cafe blend
  • CH007A chili powder, Granada, light
  • CH005 chili powder, LaMesa, dark
  • CH006A chili powder, dark, no salt
  • CH0055A chili powder, dark, smoked
  • COFBAR001A coffee bbq rub
  • CRAN001A cranberry maple rub 
  • CRE002A creole spice, minced
  • CU004A curry powder, mild
  • CU003A curry powder, hot, madras
  • CU0055A curry blend, French, whole, (vadouvan)
  • CU0056A curry blend, French, ground, (vadouvan)
  • CU006A curry powder, French, Brittany Kari
  • FA001A fajita seasoning 
  • FI001A five spice powder
  • FI002A five spice, whole
  • FFRS001A french fry seasoning
  • GM001A garam masala
  • GA002A garlic salt with sea salt
  • GREEK001A Greek seasoning with feta cheese powder
  • HGA008A hint of garlic™
  • HGAH09 hint of garlic, Hot™
  • GRP001A hint of pepper™
  • GRP002A hint of pepper, no salt™
  • SEA001A hint of Terra, seasoning salt™
  • GU001 gumbo file powder
  • HAR001A harissa powder
  • HE001A herbes de Provence
  • HB001A hint of bay seasoning™
  • HT001A hint of thyme™
  • BEER001A hops 'n honey beer blend™
  • HOTCH001 hot chocolate mix (seasonal)
  • IT0015A Italian seasoning
  • IT001A Italian seasoning with Romano cheese powder
  • JCH001 jalapeno cheddar blend
  • JA001A Jamaican jerk rub
  • KI005A Korean barbeque
  • LE002A lemon crystals
  • LE004A lemon pepper
  • MEKMA001A merken Mapuche Blend (traditional Chilean Seasoning)
  • MESQ002A mesquite barbecue rub
  • MOLE001A mole spice rub
  • MOLE002A mole, ancient peppers & vanilla blend™
  • MSTK01A hint of Montreal™
  • MOR001A Moroccan spice rub
  • MUL001A mulling spice
  • MU004 mustard, Dijon, powder, non-GMO
  • NACH001 nacho blend
  • ON006A onion salt with sea salt
  • PAT001A pate spice, whole
  • PIR002A piri piri blend
  • PDM001A everything for the bread
  • PI001A pickling spice
  • PU001A pumpkin pie spice
  • RA001A ranch buttermilk dressing base
  • RAS001A ras el hanout
  • RGM001A roasted garlic & wild mushroom seasoning
  • SCRON001A sour cream & onion seasoning
  • SMAPPLE001A smoked apple barbeque rub
  • SMT001A smoked tomato seasoning
  • SW001A Southwest rub, no salt
  • SG001A steak & game rub
  • SZ001A Szechuan seasoning
  • TAC001A taco seasoning, no salt
  • TAN001A tandoori seasoning
  • TER004A teriyaki ginger rub
  • THA0015A Thai coconut rub
  • TOGA001 togarashi, Japanese pepper blend
  • TUS001A Tuscan blend
  • ZA001A zahtar


Vanilla Beans

  • VAP001 vanilla bean, powder
Vanilla Extracts
  • VA003 vanilla extract, bourbon, pure
  • VA011 vanilla flavor, natural, clear, non-GMO

















































































Dried Fruits & Vegetables

Dried Fruits & Vegetables

Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables
  • BE001 beet powder, red
  • BEL001 bell pepper, granules, red
  • BEL002 bell pepper, granules, green
  • CAR001 carrot powder
  • CE004 celery powder
  • CE005 celery stalk and leaf, granules
  • COCOPDR001 coconut milk powder, spray dried, non- GMO
  • COCOFL001 coconut, desiccated flake, unsweetened
  • CRAN0025 cranberry powder, non-GMO
  • GA001 garlic powder, premium, domestic 
  • GA003 garlic granules, premium, domestic 
  • GA004 garlic granules, roasted, premium, domestic 
  • GA005 garlic minced, premium, domestic
  • GA006 garlic minced, roasted, premium, domestic
  • LEM001 lemon peel granules
  • LE008 lemon powder, Meyer lemon, non-gmo
  • LIM005 lime, freeze dried
  • MUSH003 mushrooms, dried, diced, wild mushroom blend
  • MUSH005 mushroom powder, porcini
  • OJ005 orange juice powder
  • OJ001 orange peel, granules, domestic
  • OJ004 orange peel, (citrius sinensis) cut & sifted, 1/4" dice, domestic
  • ON003 onion, granules, premium, domestic 
  • ON004 onion, minced, premium, domestic 
  • ON005 onion powder, premium, domestic
  • ONS002 onion, sauteed, 1/4" dice, freeze dried, non-GMO
  • PU003 pumpkin powder
  • SHA001 shallots, dried, diced
  • TOM001 tomato powder, domestic
  • TOM002 tomato granules, air dried, domestic




Sea Salts

  • SALTJQD01 Appalachian sea salt, hand harvested by J.Q. Dickinson Salt - Works
  • SALTATL01 ocean sea salt, coarse, premium
  • SALTATL02 ocean sea salt, fine, premium
  • SALTAUS001 Australian, (Antarctic), flake sea salt
  • BN001 Brittany Natural Sea Salt, gray coarse moist crystals (sel gris)
  • BN003 Brittany Natural Sea Salt, fleur de sel de Guerande "flower of salt"
  • SAL004 Hawaiian, Alaea red sea salt
  • SALTHJ001 Hawaiian, Bamboo Jade sea salt
  • SALTHL001 Hawaiian, black lava salt
  • SALTHSM001 Hawaiian, Smoked Salt, alder & Hickory smoked coarse sea salt
  • SALTHWC001 Hawaiian, white silver, coarse sea salt
  • SALTHM001 Himalayan pink salt, coarse



Premium Spices

Premium Spices

  • AL001 allspice, Jamaican, ground
  • AL002 allspice, Jamaican, whole
  • AN001 anise seed, ground
  • AN0015 anise seed, whole
  • AN002 anise star, whole
  • ANN001 annatto seed, whole
  • AR001 arrowroot powder
  • BA001 basil leaf, cut & sifted
  • BA0015 basil, fine cut, freeze dried, non-GMO
  • BA003 basil leaf, ground
  • BAY001 bay leaf, ground
  • BAY002 bay leaf, whole hand select, organic
  • BAY004 bay leaf, cracked
  • CA001 caraway seed, whole
  • CA0011 caraway, ground
  • CA0028 cardamom seed, ground
  • CA0022 cardamom seed, whole black pods
  • CA002 cardamom seed, whole green pods
  • CA0025 cardamom seed, decorticated
  • CE002 celery seed, ground
  • CE003 celery seed, whole
  • CHAM002 chamomile flowers, organic, whole
  • CHAM003 chamomile flowers, cut & sifted
  • CHAM005 chamomile pollen
  • CHIC001 chicory root, granules, roasted
  • CHIV007 chives, sliced, freeze dried
  • CI009 cilantro flake, freeze dried
  • CI002 cinnamon sticks, Ceylon, 3 inch
  • CI004 cinnamon sticks, cassia, 12 inch
  • CI0042 cinnamon bark, cassia, chopped
  • CI005 cinnamon, Korinji, 3% oil, ground
  • CI003 cinnamon, ground, saigon, 5% oil
  • CI0035 cinnamon bark, saigon, chopped
  • CL001 cloves, ground
  • CL002 cloves, Penang, whole
  • COR001 coriander seed, ground
  • COR002 coriander seed, cracked
  • COR003 coriander seed, whole
  • COR004 coriander seed, green, whole
  • CU001 cumin seed, ground
  • CU002 cumin seed, whole
  • DI001 dill seed, whole
  • DI002 dillweed, premium
  • DI003 dill pollen, organic
  • FE0016 fennel pollen, organic
  • FE001 fennel seed, cracked
  • FE002 fennel seed, ground
  • FE003 fennel seed, whole
  • FE004 fennel seed, black, whole, organic
  • FEN001 fenugreek, ground
  • FEN002 fenugreek, whole
  • GI002 ginger, crystallized, chopped
  • GI003 ginger root, powder
  • GI007S ginger root, dried, cut & sifted
  • GP001 grains of paradise, whole
  • HIBFLW001 hibiscus flowers, whole
  • HOPS001 hops flowers, sweet, whole
  • HOR001 horseradish, powder
  • JU001 juniper berries, whole
  • LA001 lavender flowers, French Ultra, super blue
  • LE003 lemongrass, cut and sifted
  • MA002 mace, blade, whole
  • MA001 mace, ground
  • MAR001 marjoram leaf, whole extra fancy
  • MASTIC001 mastic tears, whole, small
  • MU004 mustard, Dijon, powder, non-GMO
  • MU001 mustard seed, black, (brassica nigra), whole
  • MU002 mustard seed, yellow, (sinapis alba), ground
  • MU003 mustard seed, yellow, (sinapis alba), whole
  • MU005 mustard seed, brown, (brassica juncea), whole
  • NIGEL001 nigella seed, whole, (kalonji, black caraway seed, black onion seed)
  • NU001 nutmeg, ground
  • NU002 nutmeg, whole
  • OR002 oregano leaf, Greek, cut and sifted
  • OR003 oregano leaf, Greek, ground
  • OR001 oregano leaf, Mexican, cut and sifted
  • PA002 paprika, Hungarian, sweet
  • PA004 paprika, Spanish, 160 ASTA
  • PA005 paprika, Spanish, SMOKED
  • PA007 piment d'espelette
  • PAR003 parsley, curly-leaf, flakes
  • PAR004 parsley, flat-leaf, flakes
  • PEG001 peppercorn, black, 25 mesh (fine table grind)
  • PEG002 peppercorn, black, 20 mesh (table grind)
  • PEG004 peppercorn, black, 14 mesh (butcher's coarse grind)
  • PEG005 peppercorn, black, 6 mesh, (cracked)
  • PEP001 peppercorn, 4 blend (b,w,p,g)
  • PEP0015 peppercorn, 5 blend (b,w,p,g, allspice)
  • PEB002 peppercorn, black, Malabar, whole
  • PE009 peppercorn, black, Tellicherry, whole
  • PEP002 peppercorn, green, whole
  • PLO001 peppercorn, long, Thai, whole
  • PEP003 peppercorn, pink, whole
  • PE008 peppercorn, Szechuan, whole
  • PEW001 peppercorn, white, ground
  • PEW002 peppercorn, white, whole
  • PE012 peppermint leaf, cut & sifted
  • POP001 poppy seed, blue, whole
  • PU004 pumpkin seed powder
  • ROSE002 rosehips wildcrafted, cut and sifted
  • ROS002 rosemary leaf, powder
  • ROS003 rosemary leaf, cracked
  • SA002 saffron
  • SAG001 sage, ground
  • SAG002 sage, rubbed
  • SAV001 savory, cut & sifted
  • SES001 sesame seed, black, whole
  • SES002 sesame seed, white, hulled
  • SES003 sesame seed, white, hulled, Toasted
  • SUM001 sumac, red, ground
  • TAR001 tarragon leaf, whole
  • TH001 thyme leaf, ground
  • TH003 thyme leaf, whole
  • TU001 turmeric, ground
  • TU002 turmeric, sliced
Chocolate & Cocoa

Chocolate & Cocoa

Chocolate & Cocoa

  • CVCOPW001 Cocoa Powder, Siena, non-alkalized, Central American Cocoa Beans
  • CVNIBS001 Cacao Nibs, roasted, Central American Cocoa Beans
  • HOTCH001 hot chocolate mix (seasonal)

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