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Premium Spices


AJO001 ajowan seed, whole
AL001 allspice, Jamaican, ground
AL002 allspice, Jamaican, whole
AN001 anise seed, ground
AN0015 anise seed, whole
AN002 anise star, whole
ANG001 angelica root, cut and sifted
ANN002 annatto seed, ground
ANN001 annatto seed, whole
AR001 arrowroot powder
BA004 basil / chia seeds, black
BA005 basil / chia seeds, white
BA001 basil leaf, whole
BA003 basil leaf, ground
BAY001 bay leaf, ground
BAY002 bay leaf, whole hand select Turkish
BAY004 bay leaf, cracked
BIRCH001 birch bark, cut and sifted
BLV001 violet leaf
BLWAL001 black walnut leaf
CA001 caraway seed, whole
CA0011 caraway, ground
CA0028 cardamom seed, ground
CA0022 cardamom seed, whole black pods
CA002 cardamom seed, whole green pods
CA0025 cardamom seed, decorticated
CA003 carob powder, medium roast
CE002 celery seed, ground
CE003 celery seed, whole
CHAM002 chamomile flowers, organic
CHER001 chervil leaf, whole
CHIC001 chicory root, granules, roasted
CHIV007 chive rings
CI009 cilantro flake, freeze dried
CI002 cinnamon sticks 3", Ceylon true cinnamon
CI004 cinnamon sticks 12" cassia
CI0042 cinnamon bark, cassia, chopped
CI005 cinnamon, ground, korinji 3% oil
CI003 cinnamon, ground, saigon, 5% oil
CI0035 cinnamon bark, saigon, chopped
CL001 cloves, ground
CL002 cloves, whole
COR001 coriander seed, ground
COR002 coriander seed, cracked
COR003 coriander seed, whole
COR004 coriander seed, whole, Indian green
CU0025 cumin seed, black, whole
CU001 cumin seed, ground
CU002 cumin seed, whole
CUL001 curry leaves, cracked
DI001 dill seed, whole
DI002 dillweed, premium
DI003 dill pollen
ELDER001 elderflowers
EU0015 eucalyptus, whole leaf organic 
FE0016 fennel pollen
FE001 fennel seed, cracked
FE002 fennel seed, ground
FE003 fennel seed, whole
FE004 fennel seed, whole, Lucknow
FEN001 fenugreek, ground
FEN002 fenugreek, whole
GEN001 gentian root, cut and sifted
GI002 ginger, crystallized, chopped
GI003 ginger root powder
GI006 ginger root, dried, sliced
GP001 grains of paradise
HIBFLW001 hibiscus flowers, whole
HOPS001 hops flowers, sweet, ground
HOR001 horseradish powder
JAS001 jasmine flowers
JU001 juniper berries, whole
NUT004 kola nuts
LA001 lavender flowers, French Ultra
LE001 lemon balm leaf, whole
LE003 lemongrass, cut and sifted
LE005 lemon verbena, cut and sifted
LE007 dried lemon peel, 1/4" dice

LI001 licorice root powder
LI002 licorice sticks
MA002 mace, blade 
MA001 mace, ground
MAH001 mahlab, whole (cherry pits)
MGOLD001 marigold petals
MAR001 marjoram leaf, whole extra fancy
MAR002 marjoram leaf, ground
MASTIC001 mastic
MU001 mustard seed, black, whole
MU002 mustard seed, yellow, ground
MU003 mustard seed, yellow, whole
MU004 dijon mustard powder
MU005 mustard seed, brown, whole
NIGEL001 nigella, whole (black onion seed)
NU001 nutmeg, ground
NU002 nutmeg, whole
OR002 oregano, greek leaf, whole
OR003 oregano, greek, ground
OR001 oregano, mexican leaf, whole
ORRIS001 orris root, cut and sifted
PA002 paprika, hungarian sweet
PA004 paprika, 140 ASTA
PA005 paprika, smoked, spanish
PA007 piment d'espelette
PAR003 parsley flakes
PEB0025 peppercorn, black, smoked, coarse grind
PEG001 peppercorn, black, 25 mesh (fine table)
PEG002 peppercorn, black, 20 mesh (table grind)
PEG004 peppercorn, black, 14 mesh (butcher's)
PEG005 peppercorn, black, 6 mesh, (cracked)
PEP001 peppercorn, 4 blend (b,w,p,g)
PEP0015 peppercorn, 5 blend (b,w,p,g, allspice)
PEB002 peppercorn, black, whole, malabar
PE009 peppercorn, black, whole, tellicherry
PEPCU001 peppercorn, cubeb, whole
PEP002 peppercorn, green, whole
PLO001 peppercorn, long, thai
PEP003 peppercorn, pink, whole
PE008 peppercorn, szechuan
PEW001 peppercorn, white, ground
PEW002 peppercorn, white, whole
PE012 peppermint leaf, whole
POP001 poppy seed, blue
POP002 poppy seed, white
PU004 pumpkin seed powder
QUA001 quassia chips
ROSE001 rosehips wildcrafted, whole
ROSE002 rosehips wildcrafted, cut and sifted
ROSE003 rosehips wildcrafted, powder
ROSE004 rose petals and buds, red
ROS002 rosemary leaf, powder
ROS003 rosemary leaf, cracked
ROS001 rosemary, whole
SA002 saffron
SAG001 sage, ground
SAG002 sage, rubbed
SAV001 savory, whole
SAR0015 sarsaparilla root, wildcrafted, cut and sifted
SAR001 sarsaparilla root, powder
SAS001 sassafras leaves, ground 
SES001 sesame seed, black, hulled
SES002 sesame seed, natural, hulled
SGUM001 sorghum seeds
SPMT001 spearmint leaf, cut and sifted
SUM001 sumac, ground
TAR001 tarragon leaf, whole
TH001 thyme leaf, ground
TH003 thyme leaf, whole
TU001 turmeric, ground
TU002 turmeric, sliced, dried
WCHRRY001 wild cherry bark, cut and sifted
WGREEN wintergreen leaves, cut and sifted
WWOOD001 wormwood herb, cut and sifted