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Terra Spice Company

Terra Spice Company
Premium Spices, Spice Blends, Dried Chiles, Extracts, Dried Fruits & Vegetables

New Items

  • all purpose pectin for jellies and jams
  • bitter orange peel cut and sifted (Seville)
  • yellow pectin
  • French curry powder
  • hot chocolate mix
  • grapefruit peel, dehydrated, cut and sifted
  • grapefruit peel, dehydrated, granules
  • gelatin powder
  • gentian root extract, pure
  • cinchona bark extract, pure
  • orris root extract, pure
  • wormwood flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • angelica root cut & sifted, limited quantity
  • molasses flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • merken Mapuche Blend (traditional Chilean Seasoning)
  • blue cheese dressing base
  • quinine extract, natural
  • vanilla flavor, clear, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • licorice extract, natural
  • Appalachian sea salt, hand harvested by J.Q. Dickinson Salt - Works
  • cinchona bark, cut and sifted (limited availability)
  • fruit acid, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • rhubarb flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • kaffir lime leaf flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • vinegar, apple cider, powder
  • sriracha powder
  • sorghum syrup powder, non-GMO
  • chufa, flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GM
  • Hawaiian, Smoked Salt, alder & Hickory smoked coarse sea salt
  • Hawaiian, white silver, coarse sea salt
  • lingonberry flavor, natural, water soluble, non-GMO
  • garlic minced, roasted, premium, domestic
  • Atlanic sea salt, coarse
  • Atlanic sea salt, fine
  • horseradish flavor, natural, water soluble, organic

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