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Asian Ingredients

FBB001 fermented black soybean powder, non-GMO
GTEA001 green tea powder, Chinese gunpowder 
KE001 kelp powder
MATCHA001 green tea powder, Japanese matcha
MIS001 dark red miso powder
MIS002 yellow miso powder, non-GMO
RTEA001 rooibos tea powder
SES004 sesame oil powder
SOY004 soy sauce powder
TAM003 tamari sauce powder
TER002 teriyaki sauce powder

Sugars & Sweeteners

DEX001 dextrose
HON001 honey granules
MPL001 maple sugar, pure, Vermont
MOL002 molasses powder
SOR001 sorbitol
SUG001 sugar, brownulated
SUG003 sugar, organic cane juice, granulated
SUG005 sugar, demerara
SUG004 sugar, muscovado, unrefined
SUG007 sugar, sucanat, organic


Terra Spice products featured at:


Atelier Crenn


Au Cheval

B True Bakery


Billy Sunday

Binkley's Restaurant

Bit of Swiss Bakery

Bittercube Bitters

Black Dog Gelato

Blackberry Farm




Butcher and the Boar

Cafe Blossom

Cafe Provence

Caja Popcorn


Capitol Grille at The Hermitage


Carriage House

Cask & Larder



CH Distillery


Chaya Restaurants

Clifton Inn





Craigie on Main





Eat Street Social



Eleven Madison Park



Empellon Cocina

Empellon Taqueria

Empire Mayonnaise Company

Empire State South

Federal Donuts

Few Spirits

Finch's Brasserie

FLIP Burger

Flyte World Dining

Food Dance

Foreign and Domestic

Frog n Snail

Frontera Grill/ Topolobampo



George's at the Cove

Gilt Bar

Girl and the Goat


Glass Haus Kitchen

Glen Ellen Star

Goose Island Beer Company

Gotham Bar and Grill


Graham Elliot

Graham Elliot Bistro

Gramercy Tavern

Grand Hotel

Green Zebra

Greenbush Brewing

GT Fish and Oyster


Gwynnett Street

H Harper Station

Half Acre Beer Company

Haute Dish


Herons at The Umstead

Hinoki and the Bird

Holeman and Finch

Hot Chocolate

Hudson Chocolates


Husk Charleston and Husk Nashville

Infiniti Fermentation & Distillation

Inn at Palmetto Bluff

International Culinary Institute

Jean Georges

Journeyman Distillery


Justin Vineyards

Kata Robata



L'Auberge del Mar


La Belle Vie

La Sirena Clandestina

Lacroix at The Rittenhouse


Le Bernadin

Le Vigne at Montaluce Winery



Little Goat


Lobby Restaurant at Peninsula Chicago


Lula Cafe


Ma Peche

Madison's Restaurant


Mansion on Turtle Creek


Marion Street Cheese Market

Maude's Liquor Bar




Michael Mina

Mike Shannon's Steaks and Seafood





Momofuku Ko

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Momofuku Ssam Bar

Moto Restaurant





New England Culinary Institute

New Holland Brewery

New York Central








OddFellows Ice Cream

Olive & June



One Flew South

One Toronto

Origin North



Parlor Market

Parson's Chicken and Fish

Per Se

Perennial Artisan Ales

Perry St

Pops for Champagne

Pouring Ribbons


Publican Quality Meats


Rancho Bernardo Inn

Red Arrow Roadhouse

Red Crown

Red Door Grill

Red Medicine


Restaurant 1833

Restaurant Alma

Restaurant Beck

Restaurant Eugene

Rolf and Daughters

Salt and Straw

Salt of the Earth Fennville

Salt of the Earth Pittsburgh


Sea Change



Sidney Street Cafe

Sierra Mar at Post Ranch Inn

Solemn Oath Brewery


Sprig and Vine


Sweet Cheeks Q
Table fifty-two



The Admiral

The American Restaurant

The Ashby Inn

The Bad Apple

The Barrelhouse Flat

The Buck

The Butcher and Larder

The Catbird Seat

The Chef's Table

The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone

The French Laundry

The Grey Plume

The Lark

The NoMad

The Oakroom at The Seelbach Hilton

The Oval Room

The Pass and Provisions

The Patterson House

The Point

The Publican

The River and Rail

The Violet Hour

The Salsa Truck

The Willows Inn

The Woodsman Tavern

The Yellow Porch


Tomato Bar

Torrisi Italian Specialties


Trattoria Athena




Uchi and Uchiko, Austin

Uchi, Houston

Urban Farmer

Valley Kitchen and Bar



West Bridge


Wit and Wisdom

Woodfire Grill



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Terra Spice Company
P.O. Box 921
North Liberty, IN 46554
574.222.2462- Phone
574.966.1393 - Fax



Terra Spice Company is a specialty ingredient company catering to culinary professionals, providing unsurpassed quality and service to customers around the world.

Our primary business is spices, including original and custom blends. We stock and sell only the cleanest, most natural products available.  We are proud of our growing comprehensive product list, and will continue to seek out the finest products on the market.

Products are packaged to order and are available in restaurant / foodservice containers, bulk, case sizes, and retail packaging.  Product packaging can be custom labeled.

Terra Spice Company was founded in 2001 by Philip Abbott, who has a strong background in the culinary field. He is an established chef, with 16 years experience in the kitchen, and graduated with distinction from the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont.  He worked and trained under renowned chefs at such places as the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Spring Green Restaurant, Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley, and Stella's in Sonoma Valley.

Terra Spice Company is located in Walkerton, Indiana.  Our complete product line can be shipped to customers anywhere in the world.


BMILK001 buttermilk powder
CHE001 white cheddar cheese powder
CHE0010 feta cheese powder
CHE002 romano cheese powder
CHE005 parmesan cheese powder
CHE006 blue cheese powder
CHE007 orange cheddar cheese powder
CHE008 monterey jack cheese powder
CHE009 cream cheese powder
CREAM001 heavy cream powder, spray dried, 72% butterfat
MILK001 high heat nonfat milk solids
MMP001 malted milk powder
MMC002 malted milk crisp
SCR001 sour cream powder
YOG001 yogurt powder, nonfat

Industrial Ingredients

AGAR001 agar agar powder
APWSM001 applewood smoke powder, natural
ARABIC001 gum arabic
ASC001 ascorbic acid 
CAY004 cayenne pepper sauce powder
CIT0015 citric acid
CR001 cream of tartar
CRISP001 crispfilm
GUAR001 guar gum
GUM001 chewing gum base, neutral
HI001 hickory smoke powder, natural
LAC001 lactic acid
LEC001 soy lecithin, powder, deoiled, non-GMO
LOC001 locust bean gum
MAL001 malic acid
MALT003 diastatic malted barley flour
MALT004 black cocoa replacer
MALT005 black barley malt powder
MALT006 amber barley malt powder
MALT007 dark roast barley malt powder
MDEX001 M100 Maltrin* corn maltodextrin 
MESQ001 mesquite smoke powder, natural
MESQ003 mesquite flour

PECHM001 HM pectin CP005
PECLM002 LM pectin 104
SDC001 sodium citrate
TAPULTRA3 Ultra Tex 3 modified tapioca starch
TAPULTRA8 Ultra Tex 8 modified tapioca starch
TAPMDX001 Tapioca Maltodextrin, non-GMO
TS001 tapioca starch
TTA001 tartaric acid
USPERSE3 Ultra Sperse 3 modified tapioca starch
VIN001 malt vinegar powder
VIN002 balsamic vinegar powder 
VIN003 red wine vinegar powder
VIN004 distilled white vinegar powder
VIN005 rice vinegar powder
VW001 VersaWhip 600 K 
WORC001 worcestershire sauce powder
XAN001 xanthan gum, non-GMO

Specialty Spice Blends

ADO001A adobo powder
AP001A apple pie spice
AU001A autumn spice mix
BAH001A baharat
BAL001A savory herb balsamic rub
BAR001A barbeque spice blend
PESTO001A basil walnut pesto blend
BOP001A blood orange pepper
MARY001A bloody mary mix
BUF001A buffalo wing rub
CAJ002A cajun citrus seasoning
CAJ001A cajun seasoning
CE001A celery salt with sea salt
CH005 chili powder, LaMesa (dark)
CH0055A chili powder, dark, smoked
COFBAR001A coffee bbq rub
CRAN001A cranberry maple rub
CRE002A creole spice, minced
CU004A curry powder, mild, madras
CU003A curry powder, hot
CU0055A French curry blend, whole
FA001A fajita seasoning
FI001A five spice powder
FI002A five spice, whole
GM001A garam masala
GA002A garlic salt with sea salt
GREEK001A Greek seasoning with feta cheese powder
GRP001A grilling pepper
GU001 gumbo file powder
HAR001A harissa powder
HE001A herbes de Provence
HT001A hint of thyme
BEER001A hops 'n honey beer blend
IT0015A Italian seasoning

IT001A Italian seasoning with romano cheese powder
JA001A Jamaican jerk rub
KI005A Korean barbeque
LE002A lemon crystals
LE004A lemon pepper
MESQ002A mesquite barbecue rub
MOLE001A mole spice rub 
MSTK01A Montreal-style steak seasoning
MOR001A Moroccan spice rub
MUL001A mulling spice
ON006A onion salt with sea salt
OB001A Oregon Bay seasoning
PAT001A pate spice
PDM001A pain de melange
PI001A pickling spice
POT0015A cheddar herb blend
PU001A pumpkin pie spice
RA001A ranch buttermilk dressing base
RAS001A ras el hanout
RGM001A roasted garlic & wild mushroom seasoning
SEA001A seasoning salt
SMT001A smoked tomato seasoning
SW001A Southwest rub
SG001A steak & game rub
SZ001A Szechuan seasoning
TAC001A taco seasoning, no salt
TAN001A tandoori
TER004A teriyaki ginger rub
THA0015A Thai coconut rub
TOGA001 togarashi Japanese pepper blend
TUS001A Tuscan blend
ZA001A zahtar 


Vanilla Beans, Extracts, Emulsions, Oil Soluble Flavors & Waters


Vanilla Beans & Vanilla Extracts

Vanilla Beans
VA001 vanilla beans, planifolia (Bourbon)
VA0018 vanilla beans, Tahitian
VA015 vanilla beans, Mexican

Vanilla Extracts
VA003 vanilla extract, pure
VA009 vanilla flavor extract, Mexican, 4X, natural 
VA008 vanilla extract, Tahitian, natural
VA011 vanilla flavor extract, clear, 3X, natural

Colors, Emulsions, Extracts, Oil Soluble Flavors, Extract Powders, and Waters

EXTALM002 almond flavor emulsion, natural, allergen free
EXTHAZ001 hazelnut flavor emulsion, natural, allergen free
EXTPIST001 pistachio flavor emulsion, natural, allergen free

Oil Soluble Flavors
OILBAS001 basil flavor o/s, natural
OILBERG001 bergamot flavor o/s, natural
OILBLOR001 blood orange flavor o/s, natural, with color
OILBLUE001 blueberry flavor o/s, natural
OILCAR001 caramel flavor o/s, natural
OILCHAM001 champagne flavor o/s, natural/artificial, non-GMO
OILCIN001 cinnamon flavor o/s, natural
OILCL001 clove flavor o/s, natural
OILCOF001 coffee flavor o/s, natural
OILGA001 garlic flavor o/s, natural
OILGF001 grapefruit flavor o/s, natural
OILGIN001 ginger flavor o/s, natural
OILHR001 horseradish flavor o/s, natural
OILJAS001 jasmine flavor o/s, natural
OILKL001 key lime flavor o/s, natural, non-GMO
OILLAV001 lavender flavor o/s, natural
OILLEM001 lemon flavor o/s, natural
OILMES001 mesquite smoke flavor o/s, natural
OILMINT001 mint flavor o/s, natural
OILOR001 orange flavor o/s, natural
OILPAP001 paprika flavor o/s, natural, with color
OILPF001 passion fruit flavor o/s, natural
OILPEP001 peppermint flavor o/s, natural
OILRGA001 roasted garlic flavor o/s, natural
OILRON001 roasted onion flavor o/s, natural
OILROSE001 rose flavor o/s, artificial
OILROS001 rosemary flavor o/s, natural
OILRUM001 arrack rum flavor o/s, natural
OILSPEAR001 spearmint flavor o/s, natural
OILVIO001 violet flavor o/s, natural
OILWAL002 walnut flavor o/s, natural, allergen free
OILWGREEN001 wintergreen flavor o/s, natural
OILYUZU001 yuzu flavor o/s, natural

PEXTBEER001 beer flavor extract powder, natural
PEXTBLOR001 blood orange flavor extract powder, natural
PEXTCR001 cranberry flavor extract powder, natural
PEXTMPL001 maple flavor extract powder, natural

OW001 orange blossom water
RW001 rose water


Extracts and Colors
EXTALM001 almond extract, pure, allergen free
EXTBC001 birthday cake flavor extract, natural
EXTALM001 bitter almond flavor extract, natural, allergen free
EXTAP001 green apple flavor extract, natural
EXTBAN001 banana flavorextract, natural
EXTBEER001 beer flavor extract, american style lager, natural
EXTBEER002 beer flavor extract, russian imperial stout, natural
EXTBERG001 bergamot flavor extract, natural, non-GMO
EXTBIRCH birch flavor extract, natural
EXTBL001 blueberry flavor extract, natural
EXTBOUR001 bourbon whiskey flavor extract, natural
EXTCALA001 calamansi flavor extract, natural
EXTCARR001 caramel color, 2X, natural
EXTCHRY001 chrysanthemum flavor extract, natural
EXTCIN001 cinnamon flavor extract, natural
EXTCOCO001 coconut flavor extract, natural, non-GMO
EXTCOF001 coffee flavor extract, natural, non-GMO
EXTCUC001 cucumber flavor extract, natural
EXTELDB001 elderberry flavor extract, natural
EXTELDFL001 elderflower flavor extract, natural
EXTEUCA001 eucalyptus flavor extract, natural
EXTFEN001 fennel flavor extract, natural
EXTGIN001 ginger flavor extract, natural
EXTGF001 grapefruit flavor extract, natural
EXTHR001 horseradish flavor extract, natural
EXTJAS001 jasmine flavor extract, natural, non-GMO

EXTKL002 key lime flavor extract, natural
EXTLAV001 lavender flavor extract, natural
EXTLEM001 lemon extract, pure
EXTLIC003 licorice flavor extract, natural
EXTLIC002 licorice extract sticks
EXTMCHE001 morello cherry flavor extract, natural
EXTMINT mint flavor extract, natural
EXTNER001neroli (bitter orange flower) flavor extract, natural
EXTORA001 orange extract, pure
EXTPF001 passionfruit flavor extract, natural
EXTPEP001 peppermint flavor extract, natural
EXTPINE001 pineapple flavor extract, natural
EXTPINE002 pine flavor extract, natural/artificial
EXTQUI001 quinine flavor extract, natural/artificial
EXTRB001 root beer flavor extract, natural
EXTROSE001 rose flavor extract, natural
EXTRUM001 arrack rum flavor extract, natural
EXTSAS001 sassafras flavor extract, natural
EXTSPEAR001 spearmint flavor extract, natural
EXTSTRAW001 strawberry flavor extract, natural, non-GMO
EXTTEQ001 tequila flavor extract, natural
EXTTK001 tonkaroma flavor extract, coumarin free, natural
EXTVIO001 violet flavor extract, natural
EXTWGREEN001 wintergreen flavor extract, natural
EXTYUZU001 yuzu flavor extract, natural

Dried Fruits & Vegetables


Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables
ASP001 asparagus powder
BLGA001 fermented black garlic
BE001 beet powder
BEL003 bell pepper, granulated red
BEL004 bell pepper, granulated green
CAR001 carrot powder
CE004 celery powder
CE005 celery stalk and leaf, cut
COCOPDR001 coconut milk powder, spray dried
COCOFL001 coconut flakes, organic, unsweetened
CRAN0025 cranberry powder, non-GMO
GA001 garlic powder, premium, domestic
GA003 garlic granules, premium, domestic
GA004 garlic granules, roasted, domestic
GA005 garlic minced, premium, domestic
LE006 lemon juice powder, natural

LEM001 lemon peel granules
LIM002 lime juice powder, natural
LIM001 lime peel granules
MUSH001 porcini grade "A" mushrooms, whole
MUSH003 Aspen Blend- shiitake, bolete, porcini, oyster, lobster, morels
MUSH005 mushroom powder, porcini
OJ005 orange juice powder, natural, non-GMO
OJ001 orange peel, granules
OJ004 orange peel, 1/4" dice
ON003 onion, granules, premium, domestic 
ON004 onion, minced, premium, domestic 
ON005 onion powder, premium, domestic
RPOT001 roasted potato flour
PINE002 pineapple juice powder, natural
PU003 pumpkin powder
SHA001 shallots, dried, diced
SP001 spinach powder
TOM002 tomato granules
TOM001 tomato powder

Freeze Dried Fruits & Vegetables
APPLE001 apples, 3/8" dice, freeze dried, non-GMO
APR001 apricots, 3/8" dice, freeze dried, non-GMO
BANA002 bananas, sliced, freeze dried, non-GMO
BLBR001 blackberries, pieces, freeze dried, non-GMO
BLUE001 blueberries, whole, freeze dried, non-GMO
CHERRY001 cherries, tart, whole, freeze dried, non-GMO
CORN001 corn, freeze dried, non-GMO
RCORN001 corn, roasted, freeze dried, non-GMO
CRAN003 cranberries, whole, freeze dried, non-GMO
EDA001 edamame, whole, freeze dried, non-GMO
GRAPE001 red seedless grapes, whole, freeze dried, non-GMO
GROLIVE001 green olives, 1/4" dice, freeze dried, non-GMO
MANGO001 mango, 3/8" dice, freeze dried, non-GMO
PEA001 peas, whole, freeze dried, non-GMO
PINE001 pineapple, 3/8" dice, freeze dried, non-GMO
POM002 pomegranate, arils, freeze dried, non-GMO
BEL005 red bell peppers, 1/4" dice, freeze dried, non-GMO
RASP001 raspberries, whole, freeze dried, non-GMO
STRAW001 strawberries, 5/8" dice, freeze dried, non-GMO



Sea Salts


Sea Salts & Curing Salt
SAL004 Alaea Hawaiian red sea salt
SALBA001 bali pyramid salt
SALTCY001 Cyprus flake salt, white
SALTCY002 Cyprus flake salt, black
SALTHJ001 Bamboo Jade Hawaiian sea salt
SALTHM001 Himalayan pink salt, coarse
SALTHL001 Hiwa Kai Hawaiian black lava salt 
SALTIN001 Kala Namak Indian black salt, ground
SALTMR001 Murray River Australian apricot flake salt 
SALTPP001 Peruvian pink salt
SAL001 salt, pink curing (6.25% sodium nitrite)
SACA001 sea salt, California, extra coarse
SACA002 sea salt, California, coarse

Brittany Sea Salts, Guerande, France
BN001 gray coarse moist crystals (sel gris)
BN003 fleur de sel de Guerande "flower of salt"
BN0035 smoked coarse gray crystals

Premium Spices


AJO001 ajowan seed, whole
AL001 allspice, Jamaican, ground
AL002 allspice, Jamaican, whole
AN001 anise seed, ground
AN0015 anise seed, whole
AN002 anise star, whole
ANG001 angelica root, cut and sifted
ANN002 annatto seed, ground
ANN001 annatto seed, whole
AR001 arrowroot powder
BA004 basil / chia seeds, black
BA005 basil / chia seeds, white
BA001 basil leaf, whole
BA003 basil leaf, ground
BAY001 bay leaf, ground
BAY002 bay leaf, whole hand select Turkish
BAY004 bay leaf, cracked
BIRCH001 birch bark, cut and sifted
BLV001 violet leaf
BLWAL001 black walnut leaf
CA001 caraway seed, whole
CA0011 caraway, ground
CA0028 cardamom seed, ground
CA0022 cardamom seed, whole black pods
CA002 cardamom seed, whole green pods
CA0025 cardamom seed, decorticated
CA003 carob powder, medium roast
CE002 celery seed, ground
CE003 celery seed, whole
CHAM002 chamomile flowers, organic
CHER001 chervil leaf, whole
CHIC001 chicory root, granules, roasted
CHIV007 chive rings
CI009 cilantro flake, freeze dried
CI002 cinnamon sticks 3", Ceylon true cinnamon
CI004 cinnamon sticks 12" cassia
CI0042 cinnamon bark, cassia, chopped
CI005 cinnamon, ground, korinji 3% oil
CI003 cinnamon, ground, saigon, 5% oil
CI0035 cinnamon bark, saigon, chopped
CL001 cloves, ground
CL002 cloves, whole
COR001 coriander seed, ground
COR002 coriander seed, cracked
COR003 coriander seed, whole
COR004 coriander seed, whole, Indian green
CU0025 cumin seed, black, whole
CU001 cumin seed, ground
CU002 cumin seed, whole
CUL001 curry leaves, cracked
DI001 dill seed, whole
DI002 dillweed, premium
DI003 dill pollen
ELDER001 elderflowers
EU0015 eucalyptus, whole leaf organic 
FE0016 fennel pollen
FE001 fennel seed, cracked
FE002 fennel seed, ground
FE003 fennel seed, whole
FE004 fennel seed, whole, Lucknow
FEN001 fenugreek, ground
FEN002 fenugreek, whole
GEN001 gentian root, cut and sifted
GI002 ginger, crystallized, chopped
GI003 ginger root powder
GI006 ginger root, dried, sliced
GP001 grains of paradise
HIBFLW001 hibiscus flowers, whole
HOPS001 hops flowers, sweet, ground
HOR001 horseradish powder
JAS001 jasmine flowers
JU001 juniper berries, whole
NUT004 kola nuts
LA001 lavender flowers, French Ultra
LE001 lemon balm leaf, whole
LE003 lemongrass, cut and sifted
LE005 lemon verbena, cut and sifted
LE007 dried lemon peel, 1/4" dice

LI001 licorice root powder
LI002 licorice sticks
MA002 mace, blade 
MA001 mace, ground
MAH001 mahlab, whole (cherry pits)
MGOLD001 marigold petals
MAR001 marjoram leaf, whole extra fancy
MAR002 marjoram leaf, ground
MASTIC001 mastic
MU001 mustard seed, black, whole
MU002 mustard seed, yellow, ground
MU003 mustard seed, yellow, whole
MU004 dijon mustard powder
MU005 mustard seed, brown, whole
NIGEL001 nigella, whole (black onion seed)
NU001 nutmeg, ground
NU002 nutmeg, whole
OR002 oregano, greek leaf, whole
OR003 oregano, greek, ground
OR001 oregano, mexican leaf, whole
ORRIS001 orris root, cut and sifted
PA002 paprika, hungarian sweet
PA004 paprika, 140 ASTA
PA005 paprika, smoked, spanish
PA007 piment d'espelette
PAR003 parsley flakes
PEB0025 peppercorn, black, smoked, coarse grind
PEG001 peppercorn, black, 25 mesh (fine table)
PEG002 peppercorn, black, 20 mesh (table grind)
PEG004 peppercorn, black, 14 mesh (butcher's)
PEG005 peppercorn, black, 6 mesh, (cracked)
PEP001 peppercorn, 4 blend (b,w,p,g)
PEP0015 peppercorn, 5 blend (b,w,p,g, allspice)
PEB002 peppercorn, black, whole, malabar
PE009 peppercorn, black, whole, tellicherry
PEPCU001 peppercorn, cubeb, whole
PEP002 peppercorn, green, whole
PLO001 peppercorn, long, thai
PEP003 peppercorn, pink, whole
PE008 peppercorn, szechuan
PEW001 peppercorn, white, ground
PEW002 peppercorn, white, whole
PE012 peppermint leaf, whole
POP001 poppy seed, blue
POP002 poppy seed, white
PU004 pumpkin seed powder
QUA001 quassia chips
ROSE001 rosehips wildcrafted, whole
ROSE002 rosehips wildcrafted, cut and sifted
ROSE003 rosehips wildcrafted, powder
ROSE004 rose petals and buds, red
ROS002 rosemary leaf, powder
ROS003 rosemary leaf, cracked
ROS001 rosemary, whole
SA002 saffron
SAG001 sage, ground
SAG002 sage, rubbed
SAV001 savory, whole
SAR0015 sarsaparilla root, wildcrafted, cut and sifted
SAR001 sarsaparilla root, powder
SAS001 sassafras leaves, ground 
SES001 sesame seed, black, hulled
SES002 sesame seed, natural, hulled
SGUM001 sorghum seeds
SPMT001 spearmint leaf, cut and sifted
SUM001 sumac, ground
TAR001 tarragon leaf, whole
TH001 thyme leaf, ground
TH003 thyme leaf, whole
TU001 turmeric, ground
TU002 turmeric, sliced, dried
WCHRRY001 wild cherry bark, cut and sifted
WGREEN wintergreen leaves, cut and sifted
WWOOD001 wormwood herb, cut and sifted


Chocolate & Cocoa


CVCOPW001 Chocovic Cocoa Powder DR-21
CVNIBS001 Venezuelan Roasted Cacao Nibs







Whole Chiles

CHAJ001 aji amarillo
CHAR001 de arbol
CHH002 habanero
CHT001 thai

CHM001 chipotle meco
CHM002 chipotle morita
CHG001 guajillo
CHNM001 new mexico

CHAN002 ancho
CHAP001 aji panca
CHCA001 cascabel
CHMU002 mulato
CHNORA001 nora (spanish paprika pepper)
CHPA003 pasilla negro


Crushed & Diced
CHAL001 crushed aleppo pepper flakes
CHCR001 crushed red pepper flakes, new mexico, mild
CHCR002 crushed red pepper flakes, pequin, medium
CHCR003 crushed red pepper flakes, cayenne, hot
CHH001 crushed habanero flakes
CHJ002 crushed jalapeno, green flakes
CHGK001 crushed gochugara korean chile flakes
CHUR001 crushed urfa biber chile flakes

CHAJ002 aji amarillo powder
CHAN001 ancho powder
CHAP002 aji panca powder
CAY001 cayenne 20,000 hu
CAY002 cayenne 40,000 hu
CHCH001 chipotle morita powder
CHAR002 de arbol powder
CHG002 guajillo powder
CHH0015 habanero powder
CHJ001 jalapeno powder, green
CHNM002 new mexico powder, green
CHNM003 new mexico powder, red
CHP001 pasilla powder
CHSG001 green serrano powder
CHSS001 smoked serrano powder

CHTH001 chile threads