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Terra Spice Company

Terra Spice Company
Premium Spices, Spice Blends, Dried Chiles, Extracts, Dried Fruits & Vegetables
Dried Fruits & Vegetables

Dried Fruits & Vegetables

Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetables
  • BE001 beet powder, red
  • BEL001 bell pepper, granules, red
  • BEL002 bell pepper, granules, green
  • CAR001 carrot powder
  • CE004 celery powder
  • CE005 celery stalk and leaf, granules
  • COCOPDR001 coconut milk powder, spray dried, non- GMO
  • COCOFL001 coconut, desiccated flake, unsweetened
  • CRAN0025 cranberry powder, non-GMO
  • GA001 garlic powder, premium, domestic 
  • GA003 garlic granules, premium, domestic 
  • GA004 garlic granules, roasted, premium, domestic 
  • GA005 garlic minced, premium, domestic
  • GA006 garlic minced, roasted, premium, domestic
  • LEM001 lemon peel granules
  • LE008 lemon powder, Meyer lemon, non-gmo
  • LIM002 lime juice powder
  • MUSH003 mushrooms, dried, diced, wild mushroom blend
  • MUSH005 mushroom powder, porcini
  • OJ005 orange juice powder
  • OJ001 orange peel, granules
  • ON003 onion, granules, premium, domestic 
  • ON004 onion, minced, premium, domestic 
  • ON005 onion powder, premium, domestic
  • ONS002 onion, sauteed, 1/4" dice, freeze dried, non-GMO
  • SHA001 shallots, dried, diced
  • TOM001 tomato powder



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